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“DO WHAT YOU LOVE, LOVE WHAT YOU DO” A Phrase often overlooked as it seems many people get comfortable doing things they don’t necessarily love but it “pays the bills”.

In 2015 it was all just a cloud of ideas on paper inspired by what WE loved most.

As the athletes we have become today & growing up as sisters we were always polar opposites but one thing we always had in common is that we lived to inspire others, no matter what we were doing life we always strived to bring out the best in the people that surrounded us. Creating a brand and movement that would let the world of women, of all shapes and sizes know that beauty and inspiration can come from anyone who believes.

We as women love to look pretty no matter what we choose to wear and being able to create something sexy and sleek for woman to be able to feel good in was our main priority. We all work very hard every day to be able to wear what we want and feel good in what we wear so our dream has slowly come true…we are living to inspire the world with the love we have for what we do.

Here we are in 2017, 2 years later after numerous accounts of trial and error, we are here to show the world that nothing is impossible and if we can inspire at least 1 person a day, then to us we are changing the world one beautiful soul at a time.



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